5 uses for tung oil

Give me 5 uses for tung oil

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What are some of the uses of Tung Oil

  1. Wood finish: Tung oil is a popular choice for finishing wood because it penetrates deeply into the wood and helps to protect it from moisture and damage
  2. Furniture finish: Tung oil is often used to finish furniture because it provides a natural, matte finish that enhances the wood's natural beauty.
  3. Floor finish: Tung oil can be used to finish wood floors, providing a durable, water-resistant finish.
  4. Cutting board finish: Tung oil is a good choice for finishing cutting boards because it is food-safe and helps to protect the wood from moisture and bacteria.
  5. Leather conditioner: Tung oil can be used to soften and condition leather, helping to restore its natural shine and protect it from damage.