Liquid Beeswax
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Liquid Beeswax

Liquid Beeswax allows for a simple application of beeswax on their products in liquid form without any need to modifications or needing the raw material in solid form.


How to use: Apply 2 coats of Aeroplane Brand Liquid Beexwax on raw wood using a cloth or brush. Thin with mineral spirits or turpentine if needed. Wipe off excess and let it drying for 24-48 hours. Sanding is recommended but not necessary (150 - 240)

Durable finish with protections against stains

Better suited for indoor use

Provides an satin finish, while keeping the original pores and natural beauty of the wood

The presence of wax makes the final look buffable to a moderate sheen

Completely non-toxic due to lack of any additives

Excellent for products used around food, children and pets.

Manufacturing Details

B. P. Oil Mills Ltd.
12/17B Nagla Balchand Nunhai Road,
Agra U.P. - 282006 India
+91 724 8888 444/555

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