Tung Oil
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Tung Oil

Tung Oil is obtained from tung tree seeds and packaged with no additives. This oil dries very slowly, taking weeks to fully cure.


How to use: Apply 3-6 layers of Aeroplane Brand Tung Oil on a raw wood using a cloth or a brush. Wipe off any excess with a cloth, and let it dry for 2-5 days. Sanding between is layers is recommended for a smooth finish. (150 - 240)

Super easy to apply

Keeps the wood strong from inside and prevents stains

Suitable only for indoor use, but has water resistant properties.

Provides a warm glow type of finish, while keeping the original pores and natural beauty of the wood

100% Pure Tung Oil | Export Quality | Slow Drying

Completely non-toxic due to lack of any additives

Manufacturing Details

B. P. Oil Mills Ltd.
12/17B Nagla Balchand Nunhai Road,
Agra U.P. - 282006 India
+91 724 8888 444/555

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