Paste Wax
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Paste Wax

This is your standard furniture wax, using a combination of different waxes with linseed oil. This provides a deep matte finish to wood, but is also useful in different aspects such as lubrication etc.


  • Different combinations of waxes and drying oils
  • Suited well for harder surfaces, but can be used on wood. Use on raw wood or with other varnishes as top coat.
  • Apply 2-3 layers of Aeroplane Brand Paste Wax on a raw wood using a cloth or your hand.
  • Sanding between layers and buffing once the item has cured can also really bring out the sheen in the product.
  • Durable Finish Protects against stains Non-toxic (VOC Free)

Manufacturing Details

B. P. Oil Mills Ltd.
12/17B Nagla Balchand Nunhai Road,
Agra U.P. - 282006 India
+91 724 8888 444/555

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