Stand Oil for Artists
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Stand Oil for Artists

Aeroplane Stand oil is manufactured by heating Linseed Oil to approximately 300°C (570°F) in the absence of oxygen. The Linseed Oil polymerises to create Stand Oil. It has the natural linseed oil with honey-like consistency that gives enamel-like quality to paint. It should be diluted with other solvents before use. It dried to form a tough flexible film.


Linseed Stand Oil: Thick, viscous polymerized liquid

Linseed Based: The linseed base makes it viable to use it in oil paintings. Stand Oil dries slowly to a thick film.

Stand Oil cannot be used directly. It needs to be kept in a solution of a solvent (typically for a week) before it can be used on paintings

Removes brush marks on your painting

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B. P. Oil Mills Ltd.
12/17 Nagla Balchand Nunhai Road,
Agra U.P. - 282006 India
+91 724 8888 444/555

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