Linseed Oil for Artists
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Linseed Oil for Artists

Aeroplane Linseed Oil is a popular oil painting medium for artists and can be used to clean brushes. Linseed Oil is extracted by crushing flax seed (or linseed) in a cold press under supervised conditions. The resulting product is a hard drying oil that possess drying and mixing tendencies ideal for use with art products.


Pure Linseed Oil: Aeroplane Linseed Oil doesn't contain any additives or impurities

Oil Medium: Linseed oil is miscible with different oil paints. You can use it as a base with other oil based paints.

Linseed Oil is a slow drying oil, it can take a long time for your painting made in linseed oil to completely dry.

Cleaning Paint Brushes: It is easy to clean brushes by soaking them in Linseed Oil and wiping the oil mix.

Linseed Oil Painting: Put a little bit of oil on the tip of the brushes and spread it on the canvas. You can do your painting after that.

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